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Promote your sales and discount offers to more people than just your already-passionate customers and reach a whole new customer group by inexpensively advertising on Advertising a sale will not only allow you to convert our readers into your customers, but will also have the added benefits of tried-and-tested advertising and branding exposure in front of one of the most passionate group of fashion indulgers.

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Sales channel feature.
Your sale listing on is designed to send you as many customers as possible. Listed on the sales homepage, your ad will receive premium positioning and call to action links. In short, you take care of creating the right sales message, we take care of promoting it.


Dedicated landing page.
While your listing in the sales channel offers maximum exposure, it's on your own landing page that you can provide all the detail you want. From a detailed sales offer through to detailed where-to-shop information, each landing page is designed to drive home both your sale and branding messages.

Direct to you.
It's a fact that for every click a reader makes, that's one less click they're likely to make to your website. That's why every time we feature your sale listing, whether it's in the sales channel or on our Facebook page, we do so with a direct link that points to a page of your choosing.

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Eye catching options.
While the majority of sales listings are based upon a textual and informative call to action, you can take your advert one step further by optionally including a graphical banner advert with it. Your banner will take the place of your text in our sales and selected social channels, and features prominently on your dedicated landing page.

Designed to drive you more.

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An unrestricted medium.
Just because we're online, doesn't your sale has to be. Our sales listings cater to both e-commerce and online sales, events and offers - within each booking you're able to list a physical address or provide a link to a page with all your store and stockist details.


Sales go social.
We've got your message covered on both digital and social media. Helping you take both your sale and your brand one step further, all sale listings are featured on's Facebook fan page, in our Twitter account and in coinciding newsletters, taking your add to over 130,000 more people.


Editorial feature.
A good sale listing has to get your message out there, that's why your listing won't be confined to's sales section or social media presence. It'll also feature in our much read daily summary feature. And it'll feature each and every day the ad is live, ensuring you maximum exposure.

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Refine your message.
The best marketing campaigns are the ones you can refine. Whether it's because of a changed offer or because you want to adjust your message, you'll be able to edit and tweak your sales listing on at any stage.

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